My whole life I️ have been intrigued by the human experience.  I️ was an avid non-fiction reader and documentary watcher growing up. 

I️ fell in love with journalism my senior year of high school where I️ wrote for ZebraTales

I️ decided to continue my passion for storytelling at Sierra College. During my time at Sierra, I️ was a part of their journalism and radio department. I️ created a podcast called the Collective Experiences Society with another student. 

I️, then, transferred to San Francisco State to continue my education. I was San Francisco State’s Journalism department’s communications assistant. I️ was Golden Gate Xpress’s engagement editor. 

I️ currently attend Arizona State University and am working towards a degree in digital media literacy. On this site, you will find my work from my previous endeavors. You can also find my work from my current classes.